About Us

McGraw Consultancy (MC) was established in 1999 in the view of providing professional training and consultancy in the field of Quality to the manufacturing industry. The early days of MC were very memorable because there were very few local consultancy and training organisation. The earliest projects were mainly in training participants in the ASQC syllabus for Certified Quality Technician and Engineer, which was overwhelmingly successful. This lead to associations with various international institutions, Northern Illinois University, Highbury College, University of Portsmouth, Frontier Management Institute, etc.

Subsequently MC expanded with more consultancy working in view of the ISO 9000 boom in the 1990s. However, MC was a firm based strictly on creating improved systems using the ISO 9000 certification process as a means. This created vast improvement in clients and to date maintains this approach with many loyal clients.

In the year 2003, MC expanded further in the training division, setting up a team to market for training programmes in other fields like Quality Management, HR Development, Tax and Accounting, Project Management, etc. This was a successful expansion since McGraw Consultancy is known to organisations to provide excellent training programmes, both in house and public programmes.

Through the support of our many loyal clients, MC had been successfully proving training and consultancy for the last 10 years. We will continue to strive for our client's success and ultimately, the continuing success of McGraw Consultancy.

Tony Lau
(Principal Consultant/ Managing Director)